"Dena Rives is an amazing powerhouse of knowledge. In the few months that I have been working with her, I have noticed incredible shifts in my health and in my life all the way around.


I love the fact that she does not try to sell you a lot of products.

Her machine is set up to match the frequencies of the product that you need. This is definitely cutting-edge."


"What Dena does, you must experience for yourself. You will not be dissapointed!"



“One of the problems with modern medicine is our practitioners treat the symptoms and not the problems. They fail to find the cause for our problems. Many times I have received blood tests back and everything looks great, yet I am still suffering.


Physical problems can be triggered by mental, emotional, or spiritual influences. Dena uses a scientific system which finds the root of the problem. Her holistic and homeopathic approach is very effective to find what ails you. Her methods are so accurate that she told me what an MRI would say before I had the procedure done. My back surgeon was truly impressed.


If you are still looking for answers after you've been told everything is fine, you need to see Dena."


"She really cares and has the technology, knowledge, and compassion to help."



“I came in to Vibrant Health Alternatives looking for someone to help me get my energy back, help with my daily aches and pains, plus clear my brain fog.


I am incredibly impressed with how quickly I was back to 100% of myself.”


- Tony 

“I originally sought Dena’s help for a chronic cough that I’ve suffered with for years. Not only did the coughing quickly subside, but we also uncovered underlying issues and restored emotional balance as well as physical health."


"I’ve never felt better or more complete in my life!”



“My son was incredibly sick and missed most of 6th grade. A friend recommended Dena after many doctors said they could not figure out the cause of his daily fevers, exhaustion, and all over body pain.


I am super excited to report my son is healthy and looking forward to 7th grade.”



“I came to see Dena for a laundry list of issues I have suffered from for years. No one could tell me why I was sick and in pain all the time. After working with Dena I have a new lease on life."


"I am now looking forward to the next chapter.”



"I have suffered from severe back and knee pain since I retired. My wife insisted I go to Vibrant Health Alternatives. I was very skeptical."


"After working with Dena I am able to walk the mall again and play with my grandchildren!"



“I haven’t felt this good in 25 years! My Dr told me I was an anomaly.”


- Becky 

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